Miami Swim Week 2021-Destination Colombia- Mola Mola

Mola Mola

Established in 2011, Mola Mola is a beachwear brand made to celebrate vibrant living. Inspired by the Caribbean’s high-spirited energy and optimistic colors, Mola Mola is the young family’s one-stop-shop for tropical, ethically-made pieces. Channeling versatility and comfort, fit is the brands number one priority. “Our comfortable silhouettes and versatile, mix-n-match prints are specifically designed to be easily worn by both kids & adults.” says designer Adriana Dangond. Bold prints and lively color combinations are created in-house, making each design unique to the brand. They’re made to make a statement!  Mola Mola uses lycra made out of recycled plastic PET bottles. Our medium and long-term goal is to become a 100% sustainable brand – constantly rethinking our packaging, production methods, and material sourcing. For more information visit

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