Southern California Native is Launching Modern Line in New York
Krammer & Stoudt in 2016 F/W NYMD

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Being as one of the finest brand in local New York, Krammer Stoudt is now winning men’s eyes and hearts with his vintage style coming from south-western California. This ‘southern California’ feature is in embedded in his flesh and blood as well as his designing concept, which sparkles at this year’s New York Fashion Show Men’s week. His work this year follows his traditions, by using the finest imported and domestic fabrics while proudly manufactured wholly in United States, this F/W season’s work is telling a story of a distinct taste on modern contemporary menswear, even though it looks not that warm in the texture, but indeed it offers a feeling of warmth from the bottom of your heart.

西部绅士在都市丛林|  纽约男装周Krammer & Stoudt设计展

Krammer & Stoudt

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Krammer & Stoudt是主打在美国东海岸市场,但却有着充分美国西海岸元素的品牌。主设计师Michael Rubin经常从他的西部生长环境里汲取创作灵感,并且以精准的突破点抓住了东海岸(以纽约为首)消费者的审美和品味。让Krammer & Stoudt在这次首秀中突出的有两大亮点:一是它完美的融合了美国西南部vintage乡村风格和纽约摩登风格,二是它骄傲的只使用一流进口面料和美国本土产的优质面料。这一切,都是为了为男士打造完美都市摩登服饰而摆出的诚意。

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