Monique Lhuillier Fall 2016, “More is More”

By Erika Relyea  Photos| UNIPX MEDIA


Monique Lhuillier’s Fall Read-to-Wear show this year is like springtime in the fall. Flowing silhouettes decked out in floral patterns and appliques take this collection into refreshing territory. But of course, since it is fall, a few coats are specked in the mix. Lhuillier’s vision this season rides on the garish trend in vogue lately.

Monique Lhuillier capitalizes on modern femininity and luxury, but this season she embraces the flashier aesthetic popular in the late 20th century now making a comeback. In fact, a few pieces seem to be intentional throwbacks. Featured in the show are several sheer dresses with floral patterns, flashes of gold lame, and lustrous print trousers. Finally, the last piece is a sheer corset-top gown with a large rose print on the asymmetrical skirt.

While the variety of color and pattern are new, at their core most outfits are almost business casual. With the exception of a couple of gowns toward the end, the slim, feminine silhouette remains constant. A flashy take on the Monique Lhuillier brand was, for the most part, successful and holds youth appeal.

想要结婚的小公举 纽约女装周2016 Monique Lhuillier套装秋冬展


策划/摄影:秦一童                 编辑:钱纳里


既然今天是St. Patrick’s Day, 那就来几件绿色的衣服开场。好看的话今天就讲讲Monique Lhuillier在2016纽约时装周的表现。




关于Monique Lhuillier:

来来来,大家练习一下Monique Lhuillier发音:mo-neek loo-leeyay。哈哈,像不像一只羚羊在叫。

Monique Lhuillier婚纱时装屋1996年创立于贝弗利山庄(就是想赚土豪的钱),由设计师Monique Lhuillier与夫婿Tom Bugbee合作,其婚纱注重手工缝制的精致,保留婚纱的美丽传统并提倡摩登前卫化。

时尚明星也大都青睐,《Sex and the City》,《Will & Grace》都曾选用她家婚纱。相应的其晚礼服裙也频频在明星亮相红毯时见到。2001与2002年,Monique Lhuillier荣获美国婚纱权威杂志的最佳婚纱设计师奖。

随着婚纱的成功,Monique Lhuillier又于2003年接着推出了同名品牌的晚礼服和高级成衣。2004年2月9日,Monique Lhuillier登上纽约时装周,推出了她的第一个高级成衣系列。今年2016秋冬季,Monique Lhuillier 的成衣风格更加精致、流畅,给纳里的感觉就是,每一个活蹦乱跳的小公主,心里都有一个嫁人的美梦。尤其是穿着美好的(居然还是彩色的?!excuse me?)婚纱。




至于今年的风格,Monique Lhuillier自然也是没有经得住Gucci创作总监Alessandro Michele带来的复古风潮,因此她选中的目标是60年代末波西米亚风格名媛——Talitha Getty作为她的缪斯。因此这一季的ready-to-wear就凸显出了典型的60年代摩洛哥马拉喀什风,慵懒、光亮、奇谲。纳里看下来的感觉就是,so me!




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