2016 NYFW: Public School Runway Pictures

Photos: Yitong Qin    Editor: Jingyi Zhang


Founded in 2008, Public School rapidly gained high reputation in creating unique culture for its men’s and women’s garments, which focus on “fabrication, fit and attitude” .The two talents behind Public School—Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne have been appointed as the new creative executives at DKNY few months ago. Since the old-school DKNY look has lost its popularity in the young generation market, the burden on Chow and Maxwell is to not only get DKNY back to young customers but also split the two brands in different looks.

Public School的设计师们能拯救DKNY吗

策划/摄影:秦一童   编辑:张静怡

Public School(公立学校)品牌创立于2008年, 于2012年重新打入时尚界。其强悍洒脱的男性风格迅速获得各大知名时装品牌的高度认可。品牌创始人Dao-Yi Chow以及Maxwell Osborne 也成为近几年时尚界的风云人物并兼任DKNY(唐娜·凯伦)纽约著名服装品牌的创意总监。Public School于2014年推出女装,延续了男装简洁有力的风格,再一次获得了业内人士的一致好评。希望Public School品牌的成功能让正在走下坡路的DKNY重获新生。

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